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David Pollack's new single "Turning Grapes" is a fresh retelling of our generations' 'Grapes of Wrath'

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David Pollack David Pollack

Portland-based and NYC native David Pollack has had a long history of playing for bands in high school and college. Ever since 2012, Pollack has been pursuing a solo career. He seems to be more at home belting into the mic his own original songs than he is fronting for other bands. Growing up, he listened to Paul Simon, James Taylor, The Beatles, Weezer and Death Cab for Cutie. His sound carries this anagram of influences, while at the same time harnessing a sound that is all his own. The artist is releasing his latest single entitled “Turning Grapes.”


Pollack mentions: “I wrote this song in the heat of quarantine after watching an episode of Netflix’s Dirty Money about Jared Kushner. I had recently reread Grapes of Wrath and I wanted to write a song depicting the struggle of the “2020 Grapes of Wrath” relating to the current situation of the pandemic. This song was recorded in my room in Portland, OR with audio stems stretching across the country with Ian Koeller on Drums in Vermont, Will Leet on Organ in Brooklyn, NY and Karyn Ann on Back Up Vocals from her room in Portalnd, OR. The making of this track made me appreciate that a great record can still be made without all the musicians in the same room! Physically distanced but emotionally together stronger than ever!”




“Turning Grapes” is a stripped-down acoustic number. This is a sparse track with simply the acoustic guitar. Drums and percussions eventually sidle in, giving off a sauntering groove. The organ traces this song and adds a dynamic and organic listening experience.


Courtney Knight is the artist behind the visuals to this compelling MV. It says in her bio that she is interested in working with visual metaphors, comedy, short poems and word associations. A lot of word plays is worked into the animation. The MV features moving images that speak of isolation and confinement. The visuals are filled with symbolism from stacks of money that ends up becoming burning columns of flames to big hulking shapes that represent human figures moving around toward an unknown and uncertain future. Pollack sings, “What a time to be alive/ We’ve seen the accidents of turning grapes of wrath into wine/ We’re told this is the big one/ We’re told it’s the right time to stay inside/ We’re coughing out the heartbreak/ We’re breathing in the cold hard cash to stay alive.” This about sums up Grapes of Wrath 2020 and the state of our world in these trying times.


“Turning Grapes” is a fresh retelling of our generations’ Grapes of Wrath. Now it is your turn to let us know what you think. Share us your thoughts in the comments’ section below.




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