Friday, 03 July 2020 22:35

Tanju Güneş' soulful performance on MV to “Ben Bilirim" is attention-grabbing

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Tanju Güneş Tanju Güneş

Tanju Güneş is a Turkish pop artist based in Antalya, Turkey. The up-and-coming artist had released his first single “Bilemezsin Ki” in September 2019. According to, Güneş was encouraged to pursue music at a young age by his father and further developed himself musically by joining the folk choir where he is able to really hone his craft. Güneş is releasing his latest single, “Ben Bilirim.”


The MV features Güneş in an abandoned house where the sparseness goes on to portray the starkness of his reality as he sings with searing range and emotional power. Although I couldn’t understand the lyrics, I could really feel a strong sense of urgency spark this song. The emotional quality of the track is displayed from Güneş' vocal range and ability. Eastern instrumentation gives this track a unique International flavor.



The scenes then change up to footage of an empty room painted in red hues where Güneş meets his love interest head-on. The music and vocals become even more dynamic here. The song title, translated in English means “I Know” and this seems to mean that Güneş knows where the relationship is heading or something in that vernacular. 


On that note, Güneş’ vocal ability really guns for your attention. With his evocative vocals and dynamic music, this sets the stage for Güneş to reach audiences throughout Turkey and even on an International arena. Güneş really throws himself into the throes of his music. His wild passion is exhibited through his enthusiasm and dedication. Güneş is an artist to look out for if you’re into International music in the pop sector. Be sure you have a listen today!



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