Friday, 26 June 2020 18:41

Produca P keeps it real with new single "Lemonade"

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Produca P Produca P

Produca P is a hip hop artist from Washington, D.C. He began his career in music shortly after studying audio engineering at Full Sail University. With over six albums, EPs and singles under his belt, his sound is best described as Neo-soul meets drill music with lyrics detailing poverty, drug abuse, love and empowerment. He is releasing his latest single “Lemonade” via Uptown Negus.



The MV to “Lemonade” features the rapper hard at work in the recording studio. His rap style has a magnificent flow to it. Fluid and bursting with real flavorful vibes, the beats are bouncy and really buoys his smooth rap style. With suavity and finesse, Produca P raps about keeping it real. He raps, “I been me since the beginning, I made lemonade when life gave me lemons.”


The beats and music are soaring. Although he shows his swagger while swilling liquor in a glass and blowing out smokes, he also talks about hard work and the importance of getting an education.


Produca P’s smooth rap style is a real cool blend. He mesmerizes with his chill execution and suave style and right away listeners will be swayed by the beats and sizzling breakdowns. The music is uplifting and is about being yourself and loving yourself with no apologies attached. The feel-good vibes are prominent throughout the track and will last even as the record has stopped spinning. Have a listen.



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