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Todd McCray's sure-fire implementation is lucid and free-flowing on latest album 'Stark'

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Todd McCray Todd McCray

Todd McCray is a Kansas City, Kansas rapper. Earlier this year he released his second full-length album entitled Stark.

Fluid and with no hesitation, McCray launches with this dynamic album filled with The Word. McCray, known for unleashing rhymes at an insane speed, relinquishes lyrics filled with The Spirit. With a hip hop stance geared toward ministry, McCray keeps the energy amplified and the positive vibes flowing on such tracks like “Ghost,” on the lovely and romantic “It’s True,” and praying for his haters on “On My Time.”

Stark opens up with “Ghost,” where blaring synths flare in and out towards the start of this track. The sounds are ominous. McCray’s rap style is executed in a fast-paced verbal onslaught. The momentum is momentous. His verses flow through, a whirlwind of energy. The beats are energized filled with a bouncy vibe. The bass lines pulsate steadily with a rhythmic flow.

Scintillating beats start off “Do Your Thing.” The sound of melodious keys paves this song. The synths give off an ambient vibe. This is a soaring track with real soulful vibes. McCray’s rapping style comes in with little to no hesitation. He relinquishes his no holds barred verbal conquest with astounding results. The vibe is uncontested.

On “What It Really Is,” synths give off a chiptune video game vibe. The beats are racing and adamant. This sets an ominous and haunting feel. McCray’s bursting at the seams rap style is something to behold. He raps with a riveting style that contains a surging energy. The vibe is really contagious.

Following is “Rekindle,” where the discordant sound of keys gives off a bit of dissonance. McCray spews out the lyrics in a fast-paced execution that will leave you breathless. His sure-fire rapid implementation is lucid and free-flowing. The flow is over-the-top.

Toward the closer, “Gas,” the rap flow is dynamic and vigorous. The onslaught is one riled fireball of energy. The vibe is fervent and outrageous. The verses are built up stacked on top of one another until you get a colossal infrastructure of lyrics and rhymes that ups the ante and will leave you pumped in no time.

McCray’s provocative rap style sounds similar to Bone Thugs-N-Harmony. You can really see him get into The Zone as he flips from smooth R&B to loosening his sure-fire execution in a matter of moments. The momentum of his flow is like a cyclone. The whirl-wind of energy pulverizes. He raps with gusto, magnetizing audiences with his hypnotic verbal onslaught, as he breaks down each verse with fervor and a fierce spirit. The fire from his rhymes could be felt as he spits out the lyrics. Listeners can barely keep up with his pace, as his upbeat and riveting style keeps them coming.

McCray’s adamant vocal delivery will definitely impress. Unleashing his moving style and hypnotic rhymes, the artist demolishes with searing wordplay and amped energy. Without a doubt, he is an untamable spirit and definitely a force to be reckoned with in this sonic landscape seething with so many musical acts. His capabilities and skills put him apart from the masses. McCray is an artist to look out for as fans of hip hop have a new force of nature to reckon with, if the new album is any indicator. Be sure you have a listen today!


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