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Kevin Sinatra releases two impactful music videos both with an empowering message

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Kevin Sinatra Kevin Sinatra

Kevin Sinatra is a hip hop artist from Woodbridge, Virginia whose music is oftentimes underlined with a strong message. Sinatra has been on a hiatus since 2011. During this time, he has spent his energies further developing his art. After nine years, he is now currently back with two brand new music videos “Gone/Flint” and “Lone Wolf.”




The MV to “Gone/Flint” opens up with scenes of Sinatra and his love interest embracing in the golden hues of a sunset in the bedroom. The scenes then segue to scenes of nature. The topic of the water crisis in Flint is enumerated through lush water footages. He talks about intense feelings about love and then flips onto the Flint issue. His emotional vocal delivery seamlessly connects the two topics and makes them flow in a cohesive manner. The shift isn’t awkward at all, but ties into Sinatra’s passions on a personalized and societal level. The empowering visuals of the bedroom, nature and water really plays into Sinatra’s range as a versatile artist. Sinatra brings music that is in so many dimensions personal and intimate while at the same time political and societal. All these aspects make him an intuitive artist concerned about the way things are around him. Raw and honest, his lyrics are verbose with great anecdotes that makes him a master storyteller.




On the MV to “Lone Wolf,” the scenes change from black to white in what appears to be piano keys. Men walk around in suits and black hoodies, conveying Black men in all walks of life. Sinatra’s lyrical wordplay is pressing and dynamic. His rap style spirals in a hypnotic, trance-like fashion. His relentless verbal onslaught will leave listeners reeling. His style is diligent as he talks about the inequality of Black people, with references to unfair policies and police brutality. His whirlwind stance will make you want to get up and protest. With empowering lyrics and vocal delivery, Sinatra makes us want to stand up for what is right, giving us the inspiration to keep fighting and persevering.


If you enjoyed these, please stay tuned for a new upcoming album slated for release later this year.





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