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Speelburg's new single "World Is Falling Apart (that version)" is cinematic and other-worldly

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Speelburg Speelburg

Brighton-based, Belgian-American multifaceted artist Speelburg is releasing “World Is Falling Apart (that version)," an alternate take to the recently released single “World Is Falling Apart (this version),” taken from his debut album “Porsche,” set for release on Sept. 18th.


Layering in samples of his mom and him and his brothers and sisters and cousins and uncle when they were kids, the single is a nostalgic journey to the past. His mother passed away a few years ago, and the original track is as much about dealing with his grief as well as it about a personalized contemplation on loss and growing up.



Beatific acoustic guitar sounds off with rolling ease. Speelburg’s enthralling vocals will captivate listeners. The music is very dynamic and evocative. A strong sense of urgency underlines this song. Stripped of the youthful anthemic chanting of the chorus and the off-kilter crisp funk-influenced electro-pop beats, the current version features the artist at his most vulnerable. The vocals are steeped with emotion as the discordant sound of strings add a bit of dissonance to the very ebb and flow of this track. The sounds are beyond compelling.


A force to be reckoned with, Speelburg is no stranger to reshaping his music. Speelburg says that he has done this a few times before where he writes and produces a track and then completely remix it just keeping the vocals and nothing else. The vocals on this track are certainly the focal point. A pressing sense permeates the soaring and emotionally powered singing. Cinematic while at the same time other-worldly, Speelburg takes you on a journey beyond the ordinary with this exciting and resonating single. Be sure you have a listen today!




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