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Enter Maddox Jones' "Headspace": A world filled with mellow grooves and smooth vocals

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British artist Maddox Jones is no stranger to the music scene. He has had his fair share of experiences fronting for bands and collaborating with other artists. But he finds it is his time standing alone in front of the mic letting his emotions flow through personal songs – it is those moments that he discovers are the most meaningful and worthwhile. Headspace is his debut solo project and finds the artist gearing towards more intimate and searing performances.


The title-track is a sparse production about the yearning for meaningful connection and provides warm and comforting visuals accompanying the single, a collection of Instagrammable instances that will resonate with viewers.


On the single, Jones’ vocals are warm and introspective. His pensive voice will place listeners in a contemplative mood. The arrangement is minimalistic but get more revved up toward the chorus where synth-pop waves add to the momentum. The sounds are soulful and memorable.


The MV is awash in hues of blues, greens, reds and gold. The visuals are cinematic and give off a warm vibe. This is a great song to listen to on headphones as you close your eyes and let Jones enter your headspace with his magical charisma and smooth vocals.


“Headspace” is the title-track and first single to be unveiled from Jones’ debut EP, set for release on July 10th via Radikal/Quattro Records.


According to the artist: “It’s a song that kept me company in the dead of night when I was used to sleeping next to somebody and found myself alone. It can force you to take a proper look at yourself when you only have yourself for company. I wonder if maybe lots of people might be feeling a bit like this right now, if you’re isolating alone in this pandemic. It’s about searching for a connection with someone when they’re going through something hard and you just want to be there for them, to be a safe space for them.”



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Maddox Jones' "Headspace"