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Forging Bonds and Sending Messages

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What makes lyrics work and what can take away from them? We can learn a lot about songwriting when we add certain elements to the words we write.

How do your lyrics impact others? What meaning do you want to convey behind the content? You need to address these questions when writing the words for songs. While meaning plays a big part in how you express yourself, you still need to identify other elements in a song if you want to extend your musical reach.

What Are You Trying to Say?

Lyrics have the power to evoke a mood, memories, or a story. As a result, the best songs frequently transcend their melodies, delivering a message that either inspires or makes us think. While not every song needs to be  a political statement or life-changing revelation, you still need to think how the words can detract or support your narrative.

Once you have polished the words, you need to consider the rhythm, or how the words fuse with the music. Make your lyrics fall in with the rhythmic pattern of your message, thereby providing more of a narrative reinforcement - something that can be both effective and powerful. You often find this in rap.

Blending Everything Together

With that being said, it is important to listen to the sounds and phonetics of your words. Some phrases can pull your listeners out the music’s flow. While a metaphor may add impact to song lyrics, it still may not work sonically. Therefore, it is important that your words, rhythm, and sound are synced for the best results.

Be a Poet

Make the words memorable. One of the most hum-drum ways to define love in a song is well, to call it by its name. While your words may flow to some degree, you also want to make them memorable. What you write should  resonats in people’s minds. Play with words – see what works phonetically. Be a poet – capture the sound, rhythm, and meaning into one cohesive package.

Adding Your Voice to What You Write

People identify with certain performers, as they pick up their words and metaphors, thereby recoginizing thei performer's unique voice. Yes, it is important to write songs with meaning, but it is also important to love the sounds you create and the words that your write.


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