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Eddwords flexes his skills on his new EP release 'Rollercoast'

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Eddwords Eddwords

Eddwords is a hip hop artist from Montana and he is releasing a new EP entitled Rollercoast.


Eddwords definitely delivers as his fluid flow is ridiculously lucid. With a fierce and fiery stance, his rhymes erupt with an amped vibe. Colliding ease with finesse, the synergy on this EP shreds through bouncy beats that buoy his vocal delivery. His suave style suits these tracks that harnesses a bit of power and pounce with sure-fire execution. Eddwords’ effortless style readily implements electric beats and soaring synths to create a storm of energy and flow.


Rollercoast opens up with “P O T U S (ft. Yvng Vin),” where the sound of wind instruments introduces this track. Eddwords’ rapping style guns for your attention. It is riveting, a whirlwind of energy. Listeners will be on the edge-of-their-seats, gripped by the searing vocal delivery.


Following is “A M E X,” where he flexes his skill on this easy-going song. The vibe here is laid-back. Eddwords leans into a loose rap style. He raps with ease and finesse. His rhymes are loosened over bouncy electronic beat effects and ambient-sounding synths. Eddwords spits out the verses with verve and tenacity.



The static-y sounds of numerating on the acoustic guitar sounds off on the start of “X X L.” The acoustic guitar is supported by a backbeat of electronic beats. Eddwords’ flow is pulverizing. He demolishes with a cyclone of driving beats. He breaks it down with searing lyrics and vocal delivery.


Toward the closer, “RollerCoast (ft. PS the Great),” the sound of ambient synths paves the start of this track. Eddwords’ vocals are relaxed and smooth. He raps with lyrical ease. The words flow from one another loosely and the flow is magnificent. He spits his rhymes with sure-fire assuredness. PS the Great’s delivery is equally thorough. He raps with prowess and verve. The flow is relentless and bombastic. His rap style compliments with Eddwords’ delivery to create a dynamic title-track.


Eddwords dives into an old school, classic hip hop vibe with Rollercoast while also adding a heightening experience with a modern flavoring that is all his own. The hip hop artist will send listeners reeling, from his whirl wind energy to his passionate vocal performance and gritty fire, Eddwords’ sound will only grow smoother and more polished over time. It only gets better from here. Be sure you get on the bandwagon!

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