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Andrew Reed's 'As a Bird of the Air...' is awashed with anthemic rockers and soaring power ballads

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Andrew Reed Andrew Reed

Best described as a “rock mystic” by the indie press, recording/guitar creative Andrew Reed is releasing As a Bird of the Air… The album is a departure from the 2018 album, If All the World Were Right, which yielded two Billboard Top 40 indicator charting singles (“If All the World Were Right #31, “Cure My Mind” #35).


Rather than following the formula of relentless touring, promotion and an album stamped out of the same mold, Reed decided to follow his intuition and put away his acoustic and dug into playing his old Strat and Les Paul Custom. He isolated himself from the music world and social media in his remote cabin for a year and created a unique sonic record by saturating analog tape running three times normal speed. The results are something to behold. What comes across is a mesmerizing rock album that builds upon a “modern ‘80s vibe” with high-energy rockers and soaring power ballads. His work has always been introspective at best, but on this album, he takes the high road and sings about relationships and the common worries of people with lyrics that express the extreme angst and inner turmoil of growing up and trying to understand the world. On this album, Reed plays all the instruments except for the drums, which were performed by Wayne Redden.


As a Bird of the Air… opens with the title-track, where airy synths go on to dress this song. The synths give off an ambient and atmospheric vibe. Washed with an ‘80s feel, the guitars are drenched in reverb. The distortion gives off an echo-y appeal. The vibes on this track are anthemic.


Following is “Strangers,” where the guitars are hard-hitting and driven. The bass lines are rhythms-heavy and pulsating. A New Wave feel could be detected. The guitar riffs reverberate with stellar distortion. The feeling is inviting and infectious. This is a power ballad reverberating with powerful vocals and loud and bombastic instrumentals.


On “Musical Woman,” a beatific acoustic guitar melody evokes a nice flow to this loose and fluid song. Percussions add a lively pulse. The guitar really adds a striking cadence. The sound of keys gradually courses in. The keys are monotonous and adds to the hypnotic vibe on this track.


Toward “Another Time Another Place,” ambient sounding synths sounds off on the backdrop of this song. It adds an ethereal and soaring feel. Reed’s vocals come in, in a soft and soothing manner on this ballad. A piano melody also trickles in along with the cadence of synths. Next, a more full-on band vibe coalesces with guitars, bass lines, drums and percussion adding to the dynamic feel.


Reed captures the heady feel of an anthemic power ballad with sweeping deftness. The powerful rippling guitar chords vibrate on this album. His vocals, sailing with emotional power, are supported by full-ranging guitars, rhythms-heavy bass lines, driven drums and lively percussions. This is modern ‘80s rock at its best. Reed commandeers all the instruments except the drums with expert maneuvering. You can tell this is something he is passionate about as he surrenders to the music. The blazing guitar solos exhibit this precisely. As a Bird of the Air… is an epic record, filled with sweeping classic rock tunes and a rocking vibe. Reed certainly knows how to rock hard. This is evident on the album.


According to the artist: “To me, rock wasn’t meant to be pretty… but desperate, risky and bombastic… where it could go off the rails at any moment… not over-rehearsed or efficient and safe… where one could throw their life away in the moment…”




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Andrew Reed's 'As a Bird of the Air...'
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