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LeyeT wears her heart on her sleeve on soulful and heartfelt EP release 'more thoughts'

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LeyeT LeyeT

LeyeT (pronounced “light”) is an alternative pop singer based out of Los Angeles, CA. Over the past few years, she has amassed 8M+ streams across platforms. She is releasing her latest EP entitled more thoughts.


The tracks on more thoughts contain soulful vocals, bouncy beats and pulsating rhythms that are readily implemented by acoustic instrumentation. The EP incorporates organic instruments such as the guitar and piano with an electric appeal. This gives these electro-pop alternative tracks a more full-on and bombastic vibe.


more thoughts open with “Room For Me,” where deft numerating on the acoustic guitar starts off this track. A piano melody steadily courses through this mainly acoustic song. The vocals are silky and elegant, adding an alluring and sultry vibe to the music. Gradually, bouncy beats give off a simmering feel to the track. The vocals on this song soar with emotional power. The piano tune is enticing.


Following is “Notice You,” that right off the bat the vocals comes in accompanied solely first by the acoustic guitar. Next, percussions and beats offer up an evocative twist. The sound grows as the track progresses, giving off a more full-on appeal. LeyeT’s vocals are soulful and searing with a vulnerability that addresses the sensitivity of this song.


On “Rabbit Hole,” rhythmic strumming on the electric guitar adds a shimmering vibe on the start of this track. Synths give off an ambient and atmospheric feel. The rhythms are pulsating. The beat is jaunty and upbeat. This song is a departure from the sauntering slow burning vibe from the previous tracks.


Toward the closer, “Good Ones,” the song starts off to a sauntering groove. The electric guitar riffs are reverberating. The vocals are both dynamic and soulful. Her voice soars with emotional power. The pacing of this track grows as the song progresses becoming more dynamic in sound. The beats are bouncy and jaunty filled with upbeat and catchy undertones.


LeyeT wears her heart on her sleeve on these soulful and heartfelt numbers. She bares-all on these confessional-like songs. Like taking excerpts from the pages of her diary, these intimate performances show a performer willing to showcase her vulnerable side. These intense yet warm tracks will reverberate with listeners. LeyeT sings from the heart and these soulful songs really show her range and versatility. Raw and sensual, more thoughts is worth repeatable listens.


The artist mentions, “In my songwriting and who I am as an artist, I want to provoke listeners to think about something.” LeyeT says, “A light does that. It helps someone see.”

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