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9th State: Indiana - Interview with Los Lemons

Day 17th - 18th: August 9th - 10th, Interview with 'Los Lemons'

While Cleveland had a large pool of finding accessible local talent, and the next two upcoming cities were already confirmed with the upcoming artists. The struggle of finding some substance began to set it, however, fortunately that was short lived. While scrolling through the Facebook events for local music performances, I came across a band called Los Lemons performing at a locally popular and booming craft-cocktail lounge in Fort Wayne, Indiana called HT2. The event invite provided a link to the band's bandcamp, and I immediately fell in love with their wavvy, California-beach chill, psych/garage rock sound, a different vibe from the previous genres from the artists we’ve already linked up with.


I reached out on FB messenger, and we set up the interview.  The vibes felt through the music were also felt with them in person--really chill laid back dudes who've only been playing together for a few years—Kodi on the guitar and backup vocals, Victor on the main vocals and rhythm guitar, and Wade on the drums.




We did the interview right outside where they were going to be performing, and right before it started raining - perfect timing? By the way, the clouds in Indiana are no joke.



HT2 provided a nice atmosphere for Los Lemons to jam out, where they did a mix of covers, originals and often just freestyled in between tracks.


“...that’s what music got to feel it” - Victor


…and they definitely felt it. Below is a clip from the gram of them going off of a vibe with two guitars and drums.



The first of their tracks uploaded intended to just be demos, but one of those tracks, titled ‘Slow Down’ spread like wildfire and now has over 100k listens just on Soundcloud. Listen below.



With a chilled-out wave of a project out since then which you can stream below, if you're from the Midwest area expect to see more of Los Lemons performing live near you, but in all they’ve got a lot in the works to release in the near future, so wherever you’re at be on the look out.






Click here for more pics.


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Airbnb Lodging

We continued lodging with Airbnb in Indiana not just because of the convienience and price, but because of the world-renowned ‘Fort Wayne’s Hanselmann House’, or at least that’s what it use to be called since it was built in 1971 by the famous architect Michael Graves. However, now dubbed ‘The Cube House’ by the current homeowner, who by the way recommended the trip out to the only brick n' morter Sweetwater Sound retail spot where he works at--The Cube House has been used to rent out for Airbnb and other hosted art and music events. The comfiness is to the max, and the elegant and luxurious interior mixed in with the eclectic mix of wall art, sculptures and cool decor makes this spot a hands-down must for anyone traveling to the area of Fort Wayne, Indiana.  This isn't a sell pitch also, it's just a dope spot! 



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