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8th State: Ohio - Interview with HipHop artist Case Bargé

Day 15 - August 7th, 2018 - Underground Music Showcase, Cleveland 

Our next stop was Ohio, as we arrived in Cleveland on the 7th of August, a day prior to the  interview with hiphop artist Case Bargé.  



Since I was in the city a day earlier I figured I check to see if any music performances were going on in the area.  Luckily that night the Cleveland chapter of the Underground Music Showcase, UMS, was having an event at the locally famous bar and music venue The Grog Shop. 'Striving to showcase live music, The Grog Shop has played host to countless local, national, and international touring acts for over twenty years, booking all ranges of indie rock, hip-hop, hardcore, jam, reggae, metal, electronic and more. (Source

The host, Brady Payne, was the perfect example of how hosts should be for these types of events and showcases -- funny, kept the vibes up throughout the night, and facilitated a theme of opportunity and encouraged the crowd, the artists to collaborate and network with one other.  Click here to view some photos taken of the night, and click here to follow the chapter!


Day 16 - August 8th: Interview with  Case Bargé

Prior to this State2State tour we’ve been in contact with Cleveland hiphop artist Archie Green, however the man was grinding and was not able to meet up and do the interview. So he did the next best thing and referred to reach out to his manager of ALOOF Recordings, Alexis Manalo, to set up an interview with another hiphop artist on their team, Case Bargé. Checked out his music online, and I'm glad Archie made the recommendation! Below is probably one of my favorite tracks of his, titled 'Manifest'.  


I then went through his previous project 'Ascension' and liked what I heard, so the next day on the 8th of August we ended up scheduling that interview with Case at the studio where the magic of ‘Manifest’ was created.




A humble and creative soul, with a lot of passion for hip hop, Case Bargé has got some big things coming up! You can find teasers of his music video he directed, wrote and starred in on his gram’ titled ‘You & I’, but definitely follow so you can stay tuned to his upcoming projects.  

The energy was positive and real, and before I left he gifted me a necklace with an Aventurine stone, said to be the luckiest of all crystals and source of positive energy, “The Stone of Opportunity”.  Stay tuned to his vibes, and keep them coming brotha! 







Lodging: Airbnb - upstate NY, VT to OH

It took an airbnb overnight stay to get from Vermont to Cleveland, but driving upstate New York is always worth the drive if you ever get the chance. Big shout-outs to “superhosts” on Airbnb by the way for providing the amazing hospitality! The Airbnb host in Rotterdam, NY had a cozy spot with a small friendly dog she left alone to greet the guests. Being in NYC for the past 5 years, it blows my mind how the host trusted each guest to come and go to the spot leaving the dog there by herself - but I guess that’s the beauty of Airbnb.

For those who are weary of the service or don’t know, there is a vetting process the superhosts go through where they can approve the new guest, or not. My profile has nothing but good reviews, plus this is a business trip so there’s that credibility factor. Also, to become a superhost is also a process boosting their credibility. So if ever using Airbnb, make sure you keep the superhost box checked! You just might get lucky and end up at a spot with a chill dog.  

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