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Ready Player One [Movie Review]

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STEVEN SPIELBERG. It is amazing that for 40+ years, this man has been dropping hit movie after hit movie! I feel like the 80s was a time when Spielberg was really thriving and this "READY PLAYER ONE" movie has all the vibes and energy of a 1980s adventure movie.

First things first, the visuals and special FX were amazing. Special effects is something that shouldnt really be too much of a surprise in this day of age, but somehow, Spielberg STILL seems to impress. Some of the scenes and shots were so visually captivating, that I literally had to stand up outta my seat lol


Specifically, the big car race scene that can be seen in the trailer. THAT scene was AMAZING.


Another strongpoint of the movie was all of the different pop culture characters. It was so fun throughout the movie to try and find them all! I won't give away too many spoilers, but definitely look forward to that. They had characters in this movie that I didnt even know were allowed due to contracts and behind the scenes type stuff.


They didn't have any household name superstars in this movie, which normaly I would be in support of, but for me, it hurt the movie. Literally, none of the characters were too charismastic and the lead was dry and bland to me. Another hiccup for me personally was how they handled the "Diversity" in the movie. There were people of color in the movie but they were all misfit sidekicks who acted stereotypically black and asian. I only give them a pass because it was a 80s themed movie and thats how it was in the 80s.


The actual story of the movie was pretty simple for the most part, but the movie plays out well. It plays out like a video game and thats what makes this movie so cool. It's like your watching a video game without actually playing it, but its okay though because your just enjoying the ride!


This movie felt like a summer blockbuster, so its interesting to see that it was released in March. Overall, Id give the movie a 3.5/5 . Though the nostalgia and cinematography were amazing, the lack of charismatic leads and simplistic plot are what prevented this movie from reaching the 4.0 territory. That being said, if your into geek culture or pop culutre nostalgia at all, then this movie is a MUST.


Thanks for tuning in, until next time, peace and much love!

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