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Thursday, 16 August 2018 21:49

7th State: Vermont - Artist: Ali T

Day 14 - Windsor, Vermont


With frequent performances in Vermont and the northeast region, Ali T is no stranger to SILO Distillery, an award-winning distillery that offers a bar and hosts live music. Its in a small Vermont valley, around a few other bars and small stores with a river right next door, which is open for the public to swim and go rafting in. SILO Distillery’s wooden interior is said to provide an amazing sound for acoustics, however for her performance that I saw, Ali T performed a 2-3 hour set right outside, covering some classics, todays hits, and also singing some of her originals. The sun was out so it was nice day to enjoy outside live music, but damn was it hot. I was not expecting the heat to be so extreme in Vermont, but luckily there were tables outside with umbrellas that offered shade and some good music to relax and sip our iced drank to. Below is a clip of her voice.



Thoughts on Vermont

So far driving in Vermont both coming from New Hampshire, and leaving to Ohio through NY has been the most scenic drive of the north east. It was a bit of a drive from Maine, so luckily I found a hostel last minute in the middle in New Hampshire. No it wasn’t like those hostels from the horror movies. It was homely like a bed and breakfast where everything was shared including the rooms. I got there around 1:00 am and usually once I get to the hotels, Airbnb or wherever, I upload the photos, videos and audio from the camera to a safe place. Since this was a shared room, I was worried I would wake up the two other people who were sleeping in the room. But I had to do what I had to do. Not sure if it was because of the noise I was making but one guy kept tossing and turning and breathing out of frustration. It was either the noise i was making or the breathing machine the other guy had. That shit was loud. At first I thought someone kept making smoothies in another room, but I looked over and saw a machine connected to his face and that’s when I realized this constant noise was coming from this persons sleeping device or whatever it was. Nonetheless the bottom bunk bed was comfortable af, and the next morning got up, got ready and continued on to Windsor Vermont. After seeing Ali T perform, the scenic drive continued towards the next Airbnb before meeting the next artist in Cleveland, Ohio. 


I stopped off at a Gulf Station out in the middle of no where, since I'm taking all the backroads to really digest the areas I'm going.  The reciept didn't print, so I had to go inside and ask the worker there to print it out.  While it was printing, I asked what his favorite place was in Vermont, he replied in a country accent "My tree stand". 


Tuesday, 14 August 2018 20:19

Los Lemons

Tuesday, 14 August 2018 19:43

TheLobby - Behind the scenes

















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