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From the moment I saw the very first trailer, I knew that Valerian was something that I HAD to see. As with romantic love, (no matter how much people dont want to admit it) The thing that normally first draws you towards your partner is the physical attraction. Well with this movie, it is DEFINITELY the beautful cinematography that wraps you in. I hope that analogy made sense lol


From beginning to end I was in awe at the visuals in this movie. I commend everyone involved with the creating of over 1000 different alien species and spacescapes! Just the thought of having to do that makes my brain ache lol


Im defintely a fan of space themed movies but I also feel like if youve seen one of them, you've seen them all. I love when actual iconic and rare space movies come around, which isnt very often. That being said, the year 2017 has provided us not one, but TWO Iconic Space themed movies. Valerian & Guardians of The Galaxy Vol.2.


2017 has been a year of exceptional movies and both Guardians of The Galaxy Vol2. & Valerian are in the top percent!

The plot of Valerian is pretty simple. A evil hearted human general commited genocide on a alien race and is now trying hard to cover his tracks.  Even though the concept is simple, I loved the themes of genocide, social  economics, racism, and more that were explored.


Even though nobody in the movie was too big named, I believe it still worked. Nobody in the movie really stuck out as phenomenal in their role to me, but nobody was bad at all in their role either. The characters were all interesting enough for me to defintely want more in a sequel.


Rihanna suprising had a reall good role! I was like aye you go RiRi!lol


I really do hope that this movie does well enough in the world market, because I really would love a sequel! I loved this movie and def would reccomend it to anyone looking for a dope scifi action summer flick!




Monday, 07 August 2017 15:16

Girls Trip [Movie Review]

"Girls Trip" was phenomenal . Walked out the theatre feeling like a proud black Woman at heart.
All jokes aside, foreal foreal, the foundation of this movie is great writing. Everyone had their back stories explored. The character of Dina was my fav ! Tiffany Haddish was perfect for it; She was the character that everybody needs in their circle of friends.
The relationship between Queen Latifah's character and Regina Hall's was real af. It was interesting to see the dynamic and their individual story line play out. And finally, Jada Pinkett Smith's straightlaced mom character was so cute omg. Like ahhh, I know shes like 20 years older than me but she was so adorable lol
I Loved all of the themes of black femininity and sisterhood. They really did do this movie for the culture because black Women are highly underrepresented in modern media.....even though black Women are the most swagger jacked! So I'm happy to see my Queens shine. All this being said, this is a movie that people of all races and backgrounds can enjoy. The white lady who was The agent ! Omg she was sooo funny !!!! Ahh , can't forget her lol Special shoutout to Larenz Tate's character for putting on for all of us good men out there! His character was cool . Let em know, Men like that Do exist! Ef Luke cage, doh. All in all girls trip was a exceptional summer action comedy and I recommend it to all !
4/5 stars

Thursday, 13 July 2017 14:59

Spiderman: HomeComing [Movie Review]

The year was 2002 and I was 9 years old, about to be 10. I vividly remember walking out of the theatre and damn near breaking my neck trying to replicate all of Spider-man's moves.  Fast forward to High school. The kids in the marching band (Because even amongst the "losers" of the school, The band kids, I was a loser within the loser group smh lol) would bully and make fun of me. I remember one day, I put on this spiderman themed outit and when they started raggin on me, I started doing flips and shooting imagainary webs at them. Screaming at them, "IM FED UP! COME AT ME BRO!" . They backed off and was like "this N*gg*, crazy". I was trolling them and it worked. But lord knows I did love pretending to be spidey, lol


Spider-Man is My favorite Hero of all time; no one above him. Batman is number two and Static Shock is number three. I actually have a pipeline dream to one day convince DC Comics to hire me to Write and Star in a Live Action Static Shock movie. Thats off topic though, lol.


I know he gets a lot of crap for being the worst Spider-Man but Andrew Garfield is actually my personal favorite  incarnation because he was a intelligent modern hipster/Skater Peter Parker. I relate to him the most out of all three of the versions of Peter Parker. Every single Spider-Man movie franchise has had its Ups and Downs with The Character but over all, Ive loved it all. Tobey is the OG and Innovator. I don't even need to speak on his legend cause ya'll know what's good! Now, to talk about the actual movie!


Spider-Man Homecoming is as Spectacular as the critics have been saying! First things first, Tom Holland. My mans Tom killed it! While Andrew was a Peter Parker that I myself personally related to, Tom IS Peter/Spider- Man! In the movie, he's 15 and his inexperience DEFINITELY Shows. So to be honest, he's more like Spider-Boy lol The cool thing about this aspect, though, is that he has SO MUCH ROOM TO GROW. I think of Iron Man and how much he has changed and matured since his character was first introduced. I am so excited to see 10 years from now what they do with Tom's character. I can see him Playing Spider-man for as long as Hugh Jackman played Wolverine. A seasoned late 20's Spider-man leading the new avengers team would be beyond sick!


The Vulture was a strong villain given Marvel's "Villain Problem". In layman's terms, Loki is known as the only great Marvel Villain; I'd like to Argue that Zemo from Capatin America is a pretty unique villain as well but I do agree that there is a lack of good villains in the MCU. I liked how the conflict wasnt about world domination or some super crazy shut down the whole city type battle. It was simply a man who was selling EXTREMELY dangerous weapons because he wanted to take care of his family. The Vulture didnt never comes accross as inherently, evil. He comes accross as a man whos willing to do any and everything to make sure that his family is straight. You get his motivations and it makes you almost sympathize with him.


One of the best parts about the movie for me was that the cast was so diverse! Peter Parker was actually the token white guy amongst his friends group and it didnt seemed forced at all which is pretty epic. Every one played their characters so well and I loved the slight SJW moments they put in the movie. They never beat your over the head with the "Woke" stuff but its in there , executed perfectly. Another "Woke" aspect to the movie was that they had strong female characters. I noticed that in EVERY SINGLE OTHER Spider-Man movie, Peters Only motivation to ever do anything was based in having to save a woman. Whether it be Mary Jane or Gwen Stacy. Im like damn, MJ! How many times you gonna get kidnapped by a villain! lol. In this movie,his love interest was the captain of the Decathalon team and super smart. Michelle, Zendayas character was a angsty punk type chick who was super woke and had a ef it kinda attitude. The fact that they were both black too was dope! Peter got jungle fever! haha 


Quick nod: Aunt May. Marisa Tomei kills it and even though shes only in the movie but so much, she Murks every scene. I love how this time around Aunt May is young and can really pass for Peter's mom instead of grandma style Aunt May of the past.
Aaron Davis: Donald Glover's role in the movie is very minor but let me tell you, when he's on the screen, HE IS ON THE SCREEN. He kills it and the movie leads me to believe that he will have a much bigger role in future movies. They really are setting up characters for the future and Its so lit.

In this movie, I love how Spider-Man wants to defeat the villain because its the right thing to do and to prove to himself and everyone else that he's worthy of being an Avenger. The most special part was that he does it without his Special Tony Stark Made suit. (Thats not a spoiler, its in the trailers lol). He did it for himself and not to save some woman!
(Because Men deserve to have some self respect and women deserve to be more than a plot point! )


Last thing I want to note is that I loved the John Hughes 80s inspiration that is seen through out the movie. They really capture the modern teenager aesthetic and brings out the kid in you for every adult. Overall , Id Give the movie a 4/5 stars!

If you have not seen it, then I suggest you hop your heiny on over to the theatre, Asap!

Thanks for tuning in, love yall!

- Max Ataraxis


Monday, 26 June 2017 21:10

Tupac- All eyez on me [Movie REVIEW]

First things first; I want to establish that I am NOT the biggest fan of Tupac Shakur's music. Before ya'll go and grab the pitch forks, let me explain. I do LOVE his music and enjoy many of his songs but quite frankly, I just cant be as into him as I'd like to be. I dont know every song he's ever created and I dont listen to him daily, either. I was only 4 years old by the time he was shot, so I didnt have the luxury of growing up in a time period where he was on and poppin'. 

To be honest, when it comes to the Tupac VS. Biggie Smalls debate, I have to side with Biggie. Biggie is a artist that I have at LEAST in a WEEKLY rotation (lol).  Part of that may be because I'm from New York and I gotta rep my home! The other part though, is because Biggie was far more entertaining in my opinion. That being said , something about Pac that always drew me towards him was his black power/woke millitant side. Growing up, moreso than his music, I would watch Tupac interviews galore for hours on end because his mind was so brilitant and the whole essence of who he was, was magnetic. I was drawn to who he was as a person. I learned a lot about black power and excellence from listening to Tupac interviews.


**MINOR SPOILER ALERT- Skip down to next star if you dont want to read**

There is a scene in the movie between Pac and Biggie that I found to be profound. They were at a party living it up, looking out across the city and Tupac pulled Biggie aside and basically was like "Bruh, we got a lot of power in this music shit. Its cool and all to make fun records like "Party & Bullshit" but you should use your voice to empower our people. Biggie kinda looked at him like "Nigga please", Lol. That scene was real as fuck though, and for me being a musician myself, it definitely spoke volumes.


**Spoilers Done**

As far as the movie goes, I walked in expecting it to be worst than it was given all of the lackluster reviews, the negative celebrity input from people who actually knew Pac, and John Singleton walking out on the project. I was expecting a made for TV lifetime type movie. It WAS NOT THAT BAD (lol). That being said, it wasnt THAT GOOD either. I look at movies like "All eyez on me" and "Notorious" and they simply just dont match up to the other A list Biopics such as "Walk the Line", "Ray", "Dream Girls", and So on. The biggest movie that its getting comparisons to, is 2015's "Straight Outta Compton".

"Straight outta Compton" was a top tier music biopic and one of the best ever created in my opinion. "All eyez on Me" was a B level attempt to recreate that same energy and unfortunately the creators fell short. I cannot see "All eyez on me" being a classic. 


In conclusion, the consensus I have come to is that if you are a big fan of Tupac, you just may walk away from this film pissed off. They did not nail it and the quality just isnt up to par with other movies in the same realm. That being said, if your just a casual fan, then you may enjoy it. I cant speak for everyone though so, you might just have to find out on your own! 

 Rating: 2.5/5

-Max Ataraxis

Thursday, 08 June 2017 20:21

Wonder Woman [Movie Review]

Ok, so first things first.Before Wonder Woman was released, its fair to say that we can all agree that the DCEU LITTERALLY Couldnt take another L, right? (lol) 

With the mediocre/lackluster reviews for "Man of Steel", "Batman V Superman", & Suicide Squad, if Wonder Woman had been a bust, the DCEU would have been SCREWED! Okay honestly, If Wonder Woman DID flop, it wouldnt have been the last straw. The Last straw would have been the Justice League movie set for a November 2017 release. That being said though, all this what if is out the window because "Wonder Woman" did not flop and it actually ended up surpassing expectations! 


The movie went on to bring in over 100 million in its first week, making it the largest opening for a female director! So salute to Patty Jenkins for that accolade. While watching the movie, I immediately began thinking to myself that the plot and concept of the movie was very similar to Captain America. Mix in a lil bit of Thor and you get Wonder Woman! It worked though and it worked well. 


There was nothing innovative perse  about the movie and it didnt take many risk. That  being said, it was a great story that played out well all the way through. My BIGGEST gripe with the DCEU is how much of a sad boy they made superman! Superman in the comic books was always a character that was supposed to be an example of the perfect human being. Honest and pure, loving and charismatic. The DCEU superman is a depressed emo kinda character and I litterally have no idea why he even feels obligated to be a hero because he sure doesnt act like he wants to be a hero. I HATE that about the DCEU Superman. My friend was like well if I was him, Id be depressed too! I thought about that and agreed. It just sucks how the DCEU set things up to be so crappy for Superman. All this being said, I mention that becasuse Wonder Woman is the perfect rebuttal to that! She was so pure and honest and genuine and she wanted to help humanity at all cost because she had an innate feeling that, this is what she was created for! Even when its clear that humanity doesnt deserve her, she still maintains her desire to help. I LOVED that about her character! A hero who ACTUALLY WANTS to be a hero is nice! The woman who played her Gal Gadot was so light on the eyes, omg! She is litteraly probably one of the most beautiful Woman walking this planet (lol) That being said though, her beauty never overshadowed the fact that she is a supreme BADASS! BRO! She was smart and had a pure pleasant demeanor but when it came to battles and fighting?!?! BOY SHE WAS NOT TO BE EFFED WITH! (lol) She was a super strong female character and I know theres a lack of those in hollywood, so it was lovely to see her get her shine and recognition.


I didnt expect to like her love interest judging from the trailers but he immediately made me eat those thoughts. I fell in love with the character of Steve because like Wonder Woman, he came off as extremely genuine and good hearted. I loved how everytime the Lasso of truth was used on him, his inner true nature was always honest and he genuinely desired the best for humanity. He was a HERO! Im not familiar with the actor Chris Pine's previous work, but I do know that I am a fan now after watching this movie.


Overall, I enjoyed the movie and believe it deserves all the hype and recognition it has been reveiving. The only negative criticism I really have for the movie is that it was messy with the greek mythology.It seemed liked they touch on deep concepts dealing with the corruption of humanity and the conflict she faced as to why she should help them. They would break the surface but then just stop and never get too deep. I wanted to deny that but then the pals i went to see it with pointed that out, and I couldnt deny it. 


I loved Wonder Woman in "Batman VS Superman" and I love the dynamics their creating between her and Bruce Wayan. I dont know if they plan to have Wonder Woman and Batman be a thing but they did it in the justice league cartoon series and I just have the say I am def with the shits if thats the case (lol). Batman and Wonder Woman would be the dopest couple, like what?!? hahaha


After the success of this movie, I am really looking forward to what the DCEU has in store with more releases. They stumbled a little with their start, trying to keep up with Marvel Studios, Id Imagine. However, I think they are starting to gain their feet and I wish them the best! Because as a Comic Nerd, I WANT all comic book movies to win! Thanks for tuning in yall, until next time, Peace and much Love!

- Max Ataraxis

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