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Jumanji: Welcome To The Jungle

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Back for the new years, guys! Here's to a great 2018.

Today, I want to talk about the sequel to the 1995 Robin Williams lead classic "Jumanji". Dude! When I tell you that, that movie was one of the highlights of my childhood! I had that jaunt on VHS and I played it till it couldnt play no more, literally!


So, when I first heard that a direct sequel was coming out to Jumanji AND it was starring The Rock, Kevin Hart, and Jack Black?!?! I was really excited ! I was hopeful.



and bruh, when I tell you , I was PISSED! I mean PISSED! I was like wtf is this, my G?


The thing that I always liked so much about the original movie was that they brought the jungle into the real world. That was so unique and it's what made it so loveable and interesting.

My original thoughts were, "Man, I dont want to see them in the jungle, ef that HIGH KEY".


So, now, all that being said? I LOVED The movie. Can it replace the classic? HEAVENS NO.

BUT, I really did enjoy a lot about the movie!


As I said, I didnt like the idea of them going to the jungle but after watching it, I think it was really brilliant and unique! It was an adventure movie. Im not even the BIGGEST adventure movie fan, but when I tell you, I LOVED this joint, I LOVED it!


It was really dope how it was like a live action video game. They had to go through levels, They had to defeat minions, and ultimately they had to defeat a big boss. It was really cool and funny how they had cut scenes like video games do and how some of the people they met were only pregrammed for certain responses, just like a video game.


The chemistry between the actors was great, too. WHEN I TELL YOU JACK BLACK ACTING LIKE A TEENAGE GIRL FOR 90 MINUTES IS EPIC, I MEAN EPIC!!! lol


I LOVED how they set up all four of the personalities between the teenage versions of the main character. I didnt see Kevin Hart or The Rock. I saw Spencer and Fridge trapped in their bodies. I have to give credit to all the adult actors for really playing the teenage versions of their "real selves" out so well.

The movie was smart.


Nick Jonas even had a nice little role in it! I said ok, getcho coins my bro! lol


All in all, I have to say I REALLY Enjoyed the movie. I was going into the movie expecting it to be trash, fr lol so maybe thats why I'm so impressed lol


If you have not seen it yet, I def reccomend it! Cant tell if you like it or not until you try it out for yourself!

I give it a 4/5!

Thanks for reading, Peace and much love!


- Max Ataraxis



You may have seen him on Showtime at the Apollo, or somewhere in NYC performing to some music's hits and classics. Regardless where, John Streetz adds his fusion of blues, rock with a motown spin.  You can hear the soul so well in his voice.  


Catch him perform again at the Showtime at the Apoll - March 8th, 2018.


John Streetz

SINGER/SONGWRITER...shows and booking information contact streetz on facebook @John streetz

Call -(267) 229-4140


Aaliyah, one of the sisters from Aaliyah & Christina, a duo who are also one of the 1st place Appollo Winners working that voice in Union Station, NYC.  Definitely some power in there.  


Bio: "We are native New Yorkers, but our family originates from Trinidad & Tobago. We are two sisters who love singing, acting, dancing, and performing. We both enjoy singing and dancing to upbeat pop songs and Christian worship music. We love comedy and making jokes, writing songs, and traveling. In our free time we love playing our guitar and piano. We are very passionate about our music and when we perform we hope to inspire others; especially disadvantaged children." (Source: Site)


This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




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Ricky Kresslein Photography

Travel the world

through a lens that contiues to visit

every corner of the world.



Photography by Worldwide Traveling Photographer Ricky Kresslein


Contact him directly 

Saturday, 02 December 2017 18:40

Trippletaskers - Talking Trippletasking

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Unlike multitasking which can be defined by doing any number of things at once, Trippletasking can be defined by doing only and up to  three things at once. 

Wednesday, 01 November 2017 01:13

Golden Sight - an elegant brand of status and clarity Featured

Golden Sight

clarity, elegance, and status




Brand Statement: Your vision and imagination is precious no matter where it comes from as long as the ideas are true to oneself. Success starts with where you see yourself. One day you would like to live comfortably, so start taking the necessary steps needed in order to make it to where you want to be. But maybe you are where you want to be, so enjoy that and take advantage of every opportunity you have to live life to the full. This isn't just a fashion brand, this is something with purpose, something with motivation and hope. Come with me as I follow my dream and hopefully it will push you to follow yours. I always wanted to start a business, fashion was my choice because of how I love to combine clothing and make it look unique.  

People always tell me "only you can pull that off". Things like that inspire me. Be unique, that's all things brand asks for, be yourself, no one can take that from you.  Your sight, what you see, the visions you have, are golden...








A company by Emmanual Rodriguez





Um, this is pretty freaking cool.  If you're into comics, check this out, if not, you may be after seeing and reading about Protanopia.

(Source: - Protanopia is a digital interactive comic for Ipad and Iphone created by André Bergs. Created as an experiment into the possibilities of digital comics. Using elements from 3D and 2D animation in a realtime game engine, it creates an unique visual style, whilst still having a familiar feeling.

Layered. Onion-like. and who doesn't like onions? Animated in continuous loops and set in a 3D space where tilting your device controls the camera angle. Protanopia provides a unique reading experience. 


Please note that Protanopia is a fairly heavy app that was developed for IOS and adapted to Android on popular demand. For an optimal experience the use of the newest IOS device is recommended.


Testimonial From a User: "This is an amazing and even groundbreaking concept. I'd love to read stories in this format and love the idea of mashing comics with animated, interactive visuals. Very impressed and please produce more of the same. Personally I'd back this on Kickstarter or Indiegogo." (Source: Google Reviews) 


Free Download below

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